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Why employ a specialist?

Leather and suede are popular materials used in interior design, especially for upholstery. Both are natural materials - leather being tanned hide, pelt or animal skin, usually from cows, and suede being made from the inner splits of a side of leather. Leather is surprisingly resilient and durable while suede is softer, open-textured and therefore more susceptible to dirt and stains.
Both leather and suede are not washable in the way that cotton or other fabrics would be – so don't shove your leather cushion covers in the washing machine! Incorrect cleaning methods can remove the natural preservative oils which leather and suede contain, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Dirt must instead be removed using special leather and suede cleaning products, preferably by a competent professional.

A variety of different types and grades of leather and suede are employed in upholstery and other interior design uses, each requiring specific cleaning and care.

This knowledge and expertise is what you pay a specialist for.
The services provided by a Professional suede and leather cleaner can be categorised under cleaning, renovation and protection. As skilled leather professionals we at Moss cleaning will be able to offer you advice on how to protect and minimise future damage to the leather and suede in your home.

Some Do's and Dont's

Leather has a timeless appeal and durability, making it a popular upholstery choice. However, ALL leather requires care to maintain its elegance and long life. In order to achieve this, it is important to adhere to the following ‘dos and don’ts’:


use your suite responsibly. Avoid sitting on the edges of cushions or arms, as this may cause distortion. plump fibre-filled cushions regularly to maintain their appearance.

Do Not

Expose your furniture to prolonged periods of direct sunlight or place your furniture close to a radiator or similar heat source (leave at least 20-30cm).


keep your leather free from dust and dirt. Use a soft untreated cloth, or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Use a leather protection cream to protect against stains and dirt. This also improves durability and helps keep the leather soft and supple.

Do Not

Use detergents or chemicals to clean your leather, as these can damage and result in expensive repairs. Use only products recommended by us.
We can supply the correct leather cleaner and conditioners for your type of leather.Kits cost £25, call 01745571984 and we will deliver one out to you.


Take care when opening and closing recliner mechanisms. Please note, where recliners are present in sofas, it is normal to see gaps between them, as this allows free movement and avoids excessive abrasion.

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